Handwoven wool twill in natural colours


A wonderfully soft and supple wool twill. Handwoven in natural, mixed, warm colours with a handwoven weft. The lightest colours is suitable for plant dyeing. Suitable for Viking age tunics, dresses, smokks, wrap-over coats, shawls etc., but also for many garments from both later and earlier periods.



Handwoven 2/2 diagonal twill in pure new wool. Available in several natural, warm colours. Woven in a small hand mill in Pakistan with imported warp and handspun weft from their local sheep. Suitable for many different types of garments from the several periods including the Viking age, Vendel period and later Medieval period. The lightest colour is suitable for plant dyeing, but the others are best as they are.

  • 100% pure new wool
  • 120 cm wide
  • 240 g/sqm
  • 11×13 threads/cm
  • origin: Pakistan

Additional information

Weight 300 g


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