Loomstate wool tabby


A loomstate weave is an undyed and unfinished weave directly from the loom. That means that it is less dense and may have remaining oils from the spinning and weaving process, but it is also cheaper and perfect when you want to control the finish yourself, e.g.


Loomstate tabby in pure new wool. Undyed and unfinished after weaving. Marks from the weaver’s reed can still be seen, but these will disappear after machine washing or fulling. Washing in machine gives a more fluffy result, and fulling a flatter fabric. In both cases the fabric becomes more dense and also shrinks in both directions. I use to wash it in machine, 40°C, non-wool program, before I dye it. If you wash it in 60°C it will be more fulled and even denser.

  • 100% pure new wool
  • 189 cm wide
  • 380 g/sqm
  • 11×10 threads/cm
  • origin: Portugal


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