Plant-Dyed 20/2 Worsted, Many Colours


Nm 20/2 worsted is our thinnest and most useful yarn. It is made of pure new wool and plant-dyed in many colours by us. It is suitable for sewing, embroidery, tablet weaving and cords and braids.


Redgarn, thickness Nm 20/2, is a very thin, strong, two-ply worsted yarn in 100% pure new wool, suitable for handsewing in wool fabrics, tablet weaving, cords and braids and embroideries. It is available in small hanks with 60 meters of yarn in many colours, dyed by us. Which colours are available can vary, because plant-dyeing seldom give exactly the same result every time.

20/2 worsted is similar to the yarns used in the wool tablet woven band and the embroideries in Mammen, the wool tablet woven bands on the smokks in Kaupang and Køstrup, the cords found together with these bands, many other finer cords and braids as well as the York socks. With other words, it is very useful for many different kinds of finer textile handicrafts.

  • 100% pure new wool
  • thickness Nm 20/2
  • 60 m per hank

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 11 × 2 × 2 cm

light yellow, beige, black, bright green, bright yellow, dark blue, dark olive-green, dark walnut-brown, green-blue, grey, light madder-red, light woad-blue, madder apricot, mottled yellow-green, olive-green, orange, reddish-brown, walnut-brown, woad-blue


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