Plant-dyed broken diamond twill


Plant-dyed pieces of fine broken diamond twill in pure new wool. Very suitable for smokks and dresses.


Plant-dyed pieces of broken diamond twill. Each piece is unique. Be prepared that the colour of plant-dyed textiles always can be slightly uneven as evidence that it is dyed by hand. In addition the colours in the pictures are never perfect and can vary between screens. If you are not satisfied you can always return the piece within the return period, as long as you have not cut it, so check it carefully before you start cutting. Our broken diamond twill is of a type very similar to the ones used in the Vendel period and Viking age, i.e. it is of one colour, tightly woven and has oblong diamonds. The sizes of the diamonds and the thickness of the fabric could vary. Our fabric can be seen as of average thickness. The broken diamond twill is suitable for almost all women’s clothes; smokks, dresses and coats. Only sold in whole pieces. We will not continue to dye so the pieces you see here are the last ones.

  • Pure new wool
  • 150 cm wide
  • 580 SEK/meter

Additional information


1. weld yellow 2.0 meters, 2. reddish brown 3.0 meters, 3. walnut brown 2.3 meters


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