Plant-Dyed Single Wool Yarn 6/1


Small hanks of plant-dyed single yarn of pure new wool. Usable for cords and braids as well as weaving.


This is a relatively thin, Nm 6/1, single yarn in 100% pure new wool, usable for tablet weaving and cords and braids. Available in popular plant-dyed colours, dyed by us.

As a single yarn, this is not as strong as our two-ply yarns. When it is used as a warp it needs to be strengthened by sizing. The yarn is mainly included in our range of products because it is similar to the yarn used for the tablet woven band from Iceland.

  • 100% pure new wool
  • thickness Nm 6/1
  • hanks with 40 meter of yarn.

Additional information

Weight 0.007 g
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 2 cm

bright yellow, madder-red, olive-green, woad-blue


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