Starter Kit – Mittens from Eura in Finland


Do you want to try nalbinding your own mittens? In this bag you find everything you need to make a pair of mittens after a find from Eura in Finland; booklet with instructions, needle and yarn. Finished mittens are not included. About 10% reduced price compared to buying the products separately.


Nalbinding was during the Viking age mostly used for mittens, but there are finds of a sock and a pair of magnificient so called 'pendants' in gold and silver thread. This booklet contains patterns and illustrated instructions for 5 Viking age nalbound objects.

Handmade Nalbinding Needles

Handmade nalbinding needles of wood or bone. Our needle are thin and quite wide to have room for a large eye. That way your will have room for lots of yarn and the needle is still easy to use.

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A bag with everything you need to nalbind your own mittens after a find from Eura in Finland:

  • Booklet, Nalbinding from finds, with patterns and illustrated instructions (select language)
  • Nalbinding needle (select material)
  • 50 g madder red Tuna wool yarn
  • 25 g woad blue Tuna wool yarn
  • 25 g bright yellow Tuna wool yarn

The yarn is 100% pure new wool and plant-dyed with madder, woad and weld.

Additional information


Weight 38 g
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 0.2 cm

English, Swedish

Handmade Nalbinding Needles

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 10 × 1 × 0.3 cm

bone, wood


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