Starter Kit – Simple Tablet Woven Band from Iceland


Do you want to make your own tablet woven band? This bag contains almost everything you need to make your own simple tablet woven band from Iceland, with natural coloured linen and plant-dyed wool.


A bag with almost all you need to make your own simple tablet woven band from Kaupang:

  • started band (2 meters of warp gives about 1.5 meter of finished band) with:
    • wool warp and weft in plant-dyed 100% wool yarn, thickness 6/1
    • linen warp in Bocken’s linen thread 16/2, half-bleached
    • 11 cardboard tablets
  • simple oak batten
  • booklet with patterns and instructions

The only things you need to add is something for fastening one end of the warp around your waist (e.g. a belt) and the other end around a fixed point.

Sine the colours of the original are clearly visible, we have only reconstructed the band with the “right” colours. The blue yarn is dyed with woad and the red with madder.

Fårö wool yarn is a single yarn and the warp is therefore sized to make it stronger. We still recommend you to be careful and e.g. avoid moving the tablet back-and-forth too much. The warp thread can be joined if an accident still should happen.

Additional information

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 3 cm

English, Swedish


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