Starter Kit – Socks from York


Do you want to try nalbinding? This bag includes all you need to make your own soks based on the find from York.

Handmade Nalbinding Needles

Handmade nalbinding needles of wood or bone. Our needle are thin and quite wide to have room for a large eye. That way your will have room for lots of yarn and the needle is still easy to use.

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A bag with all you need to nalbind your own socks based on the find from York:

  • Booklet with patterns and illustrated instructions
  • A handmade nalbinding needle
  • 100 g natural coloured yarn
  • 50 m plant-dyed yarn

Additional information

Handmade Nalbinding Needles

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 10 × 1 × 0.3 cm

bone, wood


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