Scandinavian Vendel Period Accessories

When reconstructing Vendel period clothing we have ourselves been frustrated with how hard it is to find fibulae and other accessories. So far you have had to buy even simple common accessories as special orders.

Now we have got the opportunity to sell very well made reconstructions of typical fibulaes, needles and other accessories in bronze, all made by our friend Tobias Ederyd Forsblom. At the moment you can find utensil brooches and polyeder needles in the webshop, but we expect to be able to offer proto animal-head brooches from Gotland and keys within a few weeks. We also plan for small equal-armed fibulae and beak-shaped fibulae, both which are typical fibulae used to hold a peplos up.

Our hope is that this will make it much easier for you who want to start creating your first Vendel period outfit.

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