Starter Kit – Cords and Braids


Do you want to try making your own cords and braids? This bag contains booklet with instructions and plant-dyed yarn in different thicknesses. That is all you need to try out most of the techniques known from the Viking age. Choose yarn colours yourself.

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A bag with everything you need to try most of the known Viking age techniques for making cords and braids:

  • Booklet with instructions: Cords and Braids
  • Small hank with 50 m of plant-dyed yarn in 100% wool, thickness 6/2
  • Small hank with plant-dyed yarn in 100% wool, thickness 6/1
  • Small hank with plant-dyed Möbelåtta yarn in 100% wool, thickness 8/2
  • Small hank with plant-dyed Mora Redgarn yarn in 100% wool, thickness 20/2

All yarns are in different colours; one red, one blue, one olive green and one yellow. Which is which depends on availability.

Additional information

Weight 75 g
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 3 cm

English, Swedish


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