Children’s Clothing


Many children love to be part of Viking age reenactment and they need practical and plausible clothing. This booklet contains pedagogical, illustrated instructions and separate full scale pattern sheets for four Viking age children’s garments, in the sizes 74/80 cl to 134/140 cl.

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Separate pattern sheets:

  • full scale
  • A3 format
  • sizes 74/80 cl – 134/140 cl

and 12 page booklet in A5 format with:

  • illustrated instructions
  • background information


  • Simple sark/shirt/tunic
  • Tunic with fitted sleeves
  • Close-fitting trousers from Thorsbjerg
  • Cap from Dublin

For more information about bakground see: Children’s Clothing

Tip: make the tunics longer than you think necessary and put an elastic around the waist of  the trousers. Make large neckholes for small children and close with a bowknot.


Additional information

Weight 46 g
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 0.3 cm

English, Swedish


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